My Top 10 Baby/Toddler Products

I think it is safe to say that I have tried a very large majority of the “trendy” baby items. As a first time momma, I had no clue what she would like, what would work, what was a waste of money and what would I have wished I had a million more of? So…I did what any irrational first time parent does, and I bought it all…Much to the dismay of my poor husband, who spent many, many hours putting all of my baby products together 🙂

Through lots of trial and error, we found some products that haven’t been a huge hit with Miss Meredith, but we also found some products that we will DEFINITELY be using when we have more children in the future. Here is a list of our top 10 favorites (not in any particular order)!

*If I have referral links to any of these products, it is because I genuinely use and love them and they typically benefit you and I!

  • Nanit Camera- the Nanit camera was something that after searching for a baby monitor for what felt like forever, Nathan stumbled upon as a “pre-order” or it had maybe JUST been released… It was a bit spendy, but I truthfully don’t think I could ever use a different monitor. It has an app that we can use on an iPad or our phones to see her, the picture quality is UNREAL and the camera is directly above her crib so we get almost like an aerial view of her. It also has super cool insights like how long your baby slept, when they woke up during the night, what their sleep efficiency percentage was, etc. SUPER COOL! Definitely recommend to anyone who wants the best camera for picture quality, sound, and just cool techy features. It also is able to be removed from the stand and has a travel stand that you can take with you, which has come in major handy when we travel! I am a paranoid mama and need eyes on my baby at all times! Image result for nanit cameraReferral link: gets you $20 off the camera!


  • Owlet Monitor- This was one of those products I knew from the MINUTE I found out I was expecting, that I was going to need. I had seen this product on random baby sites and had read absolutely incredible reviews. The monitor is in a little “sock” that comes in newborn, and then one that goes up to 4 months, and then one that goes up to 18 months. This also has an app that you can pull up on your phone (can you tell I have a tech obsessed husband?) and it shows your baby’s heart rate and O2 levels in real time. If they drop below or go above “standard” levels, the monitor will sound and alert you so that you can address the issue and get medical attention if need be. This helps significantly to avoid SIDS, which I think is every new parent’s worst nightmare! We also traveled with this, and Meredith used her’s up until she was about 12 months! They run sales on this ALL THE TIME! If I had to say one NECESSARY item, it would be this. hands down.

Image result for owlet

  • Halo Bassinest- When we first had Meredith, I had no real idea what our sleep routine or set up was going to look like. Luckily for us, Meredith was an incredible sleeper from the get go. I genuinely attribute that to a few things, two of them being this bassinest and the other thing being the swaddles I’ll mention next. This Halo Bassinest was bulky, I will say that… But, the bulkiness was definitely worth it. This thing swiveled, so it could be over top of the mattress for easy access during the middle of the night changing/feedings, or it could be moved away from the mattress in order to get in/out of the bed. It vibrates + plays music which is one of the things I think Meredith liked most. I can still hear the songs in my head to this day! It also has a feature that I didn’t use, mostly because by the time Meredith was 10 weeks old, we moved her to her crib, and it was right before then that I even figured it out! LOL! It has a button that you can click when you start nursing on one side, and after 15 minutes it buzzes/vibrates to remind you to switch sides. SUPER cool, especially when you’re exhausted in the middle of the night! It also had a mattress that to me resembled a crib mattress, so I think it made transitioning easier.

Image result for halo bassinest

  • Halo Velcro Swaddles- These velcro swaddles were our saving grace for the first 6 months of Meredith’s life. We were originally introduced to these beautiful things in the hospital, and Mer seriously slept “like a baby” in these. You zip them up, tuck their arms (or option to keep arms out!) and velcro them in and it bundles them up so warm and cozy that they can’t help but fall asleep! It was also my favorite to wake her up every morning, because I’d get to un-velcro them and she’d throw her arms up…Wow, thinking about that is tugging at my mommy heart-strings!


  • Auto Rock & Play- Baby swings. You name it, we tried it! We spent the $200+ on a MamaRoo–which she liked, don’t get me wrong, but nothing compared to her Rock & Play, but NOT just any Rock & Play…Specifically the auto version, that rocks + plays music. She liked how cozy she was in there, the rocking and the music….I think it was just a combination. I think it’s a little more expensive than your standard one, but in my opinion, it was well worth it! This baby helped me get her to nap occasionally (she was a horrible napper until 6 months!), do dishes, get workouts in, all the things! Super easy to move around the house, so that was nice too! I can remember 2 very sleep deprived, desperate nights that she actually slept a few hours during the night in it too!


  • Go Mama Go Crib Bumpers- This is one that I didn’t know even existed… When I bought Meredith’s crib bedding before she was born, I bought the “oh so cute” crib bumper… THEN, I read that bumpers can cause suffocation. Down it came and stored in a tote… Never to be used. However, I noticed she was always sticking arms and legs out the crib railing, and as she learned to stand, kept hitting her poor head! I follow a girl on Instagram and she had these crib railing covers that individually covered each railing, so it eliminated the suffocation risk, but also eliminated the head bonking and arms/legs sticking out! Also, super cute! AND, bonus points that they fit our round crib- which is not always something we can find! They come in tons of colors/designs too to match your nursery colors/theme!
Image result for gomamago crib bumpers
This is NOT our crib, just an example!
  • Zipadeezip- Once my little love bug learned on how to roll, I became increasingly paranoid about her being in her swaddle, especially because everytime we tried to swaddle with one/two arms out, she would sleep HORRIBLE! She likes to feel cozy and to be completely covered. So, after trying every other sleep sack on the entire planet-maybe an exaggeration, but it didn’t feel like that at the time- we found our beloved Zipadeezip! It’s essentially a blanket that has a zipper front and arm/leg spots in the blanket. We call it her starfish costume, because she looks like thee cutest little starfish when she’s in it. We just had to move up in size from the 6-12 month one to the 12-24 month size. I just don’t see her going without it any time soon. We just had to buy one for her to take to daycare every day for naps because I got sick of packing hers every day. She is obsessed and she sleeps well, so I’m sticking with it!
    This shows her Zip + our GoMamaGo bumpers!
  • Dockatot- We love our Dockatot, we really do! We actually did end up purchasing the Grand version with the travel bag, just because Meredith doesn’t sleep super great when traveling, I don’t think she loves Pack N Plays… However, my reason for the Dock being on my top 10 list is for one reason, and one reason only. SHOWERS. Post partum showers after your husband is back to work are awkward, and scary. What if the baby needs me? What if she cries? I realized quickly that if I brought the Dockatot into the bathroom, the warmth + sound of the shower totally soothed her and I was able to get in a shower while she hung out/slept!Image result for dockatotReferral link: gets you $10 off a Dock!


  • Essential Oils- This isn’t fully “baby” related, but I have a few tried and true baby essential oil “go to’s” that I think have made a huge difference for us! Since Meredith was super little, we started diffusing a drop or two of doTERRA Lavender oil in a diffuser in her room to help her feel restful and relaxed. As she got older, if she’d get a cold or start to show signs of a fever, we’d add On Guard or Frankincense, and then we started playing around with things like Roman Chamomile to calm her mind and Juniper Berry to cleanse/purify the air in her room! When she gets her shots, or when she is feverish, we do an Essential Oil protocol on her spine/feet and we truly feel like they help! We also have roller bottles for tummy aches, tushy spray for diaper rashes (along with an incredible Baby Line from doTERRA that includes diaper rash cream!), DigestZen for when she’s having troubles with constipation, and a roller bottle for when she’s cutting teeth. She is definitely growing up with us doing everything we can naturally, and not always reaching for “medicine”. We also love to bring her diffuser with on trips, to help her feel calmer in new environments and to feel more “at home” by relating the scents to her room at home.

Image result for doterra oils for babies

Use this link to sign up for a Wholesale Membership to receive 25% off your oils!– Reach out with any questions!

  • Veer Wagon- One of our latest finds, but one that is definitely getting TONS of use! Our Veer Cruiser has already made the trek to Disneyland as well as many, many laps around our block 😉 This wagon has 2 seats, and can be converted into an infant seat carrier, for when you have two small babes that both need corralled, and can be pulled like a wagon or pushed like a stroller. This option is the only reason we were allowed to bring it into Disney, as normally they don’t allow standard “pull wagons”. It has tons of attachments: cup holders, a sun canopy, an activity tray with cup holders for the kiddos, a “nap pad” for comfy napping,a cubby attachment for diaper bags, purses, etc. and a super convenient travel bag to protect the Cruiser on planes! It folds down easily for storage and rides like a dream! Super big investment, but I considered it an investment in our future, as we plan to have more babies and I’m assuming they’ll be close in age enough to be able to get good use out of for trips to the park, zoo, vacations, etc!
Mer in her Veer at Disney!

Well folks! There you have it! That was not easy to narrow things down, but I think I hit the main items we have loved the most! As always, please comment below and let me know your thoughts!

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