Watertown Strength Training

While this blog is predominantly about my life as a momma, I also wanted to focus on other parts of my life. Hence the name “Mom’s Life Be Like”…And actually, I can relate this post back to mom life! My life consists of me wearing quite a few different hats: mom, wife, Realtor, animal mom, cleaning lady, teacher, workout enthusiast and the newest venture, gym owner!

My husband, Nathan, has been super into lifting weights basically for the entire 10 years that we’ve been together. He always was wanting me to workout with him, but it took many, many years for me to really see why he loved it so much! I mean, he definitely takes it one step further than I do with his dedication, but seeing his passion for working out gives me all the heart eyes!

When we bought our current home, it had a 2 stall attached garage, which is great, right?! Parking spots for both of our cars… YEAH RIGHT! LOL! We always knew we eventually wanted to add on to the garage to give us more space. For the time being, we used a small space in our basement as our “home gym”, although, it didn’t get used a ton. We were members of different gyms in town and always trying to find a place where Nathan could throw weights around, make noise and play whatever music we wanted 🙂

When I was in my third trimester of pregnancy with Meredith, Nathan made a comment on day, “So…I’ll get up at 5 every morning after the baby comes, and i’ll go to the Rec to get my workout in.” UM. What? You think you’re going to leave the house at 5 am when we have a newborn, and leave me all by myself? Think again… Long story short, Nathan ended up with a collapsable squat rack in our garage, with an old bench and some bumper plates we had bought many years before. We had random other equipment, a set of dumbbells and a treadmill–we thought we were set! Little did we know, that was just the beginning.

When I was cleared to workout 6 weeks post partum, Nathan took me out to the garage to do a workout, and I fell in love with the flexibility of being able to workout when Meredith napped, just walking out to my garage! It was great! And so began the obsession. Nathan and I always caught ourselves looking on gym equipment websites, Facebook marketplace and Craigslist to find good deals to add new toys to the gym… And here we are, a year and half (or so) later with a new 18×24 addition to our garage that is solely dedicated to our gym space, and some pretty incredible equipment!

Watertown Strength Training

We decided that fitness was something we wanted to pursue as a business, and we felt selfish keeping our awesome space to ourselves! Nathan obtained his USA Powerlifting Coaching certification and the two of us are working on our personal training certifications.  We are so excited to bring Watertown Strength Training to Watertown to start training + allowing people to come join us for workouts! We both also do Crossfit workouts through a community called Street Parking, where former Crossfit Games athletes Julian + Miranda Alcaraz program WOD’s every day, and we love having non-Street Parking members join us for those also!

You can almost always find one of us out in the garage, we love bringing Meredith out there and she LOVES climbing around and exploring all of the equipment (heavily supervised of course!) She even has her own little bench with a barbell and a medicine ball + kettlebell! We can’t wait to watch Meredith grow up around fitness, and we hope she finds a passion for it like we have!

If you have any questions about the services we offer at Watertown Strength Training, leave a comment below!

Visit http://www.wtnstrengthtraining.com for more info!


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