The Journey Begins

Welcome to my journey as a mommy blogger! I wish I could make a beautiful post that mapped out my plans for this blog, or that I could even give you an idea of what I plan to discuss… However– I don’t really know the answer to that at this point! All I know is that the last 13.5 months of my life as a working mom have been the most incredible, the most complicated, the most emotionally draining, yet fulfilling of my life.  I wanted to find a way to channel my thoughts and give a look into my daily life as a full-time working mom, trying to balance work and mommy-hood and being a wife, while also working my BUTT OFF to get my body and mind back! I have A LOT going on at all times.

Have you ever read the ‘note’ about how men’s brains are compartmentalized in boxes, and women’s are like a ball of yarn that are all interconnected? Never shutting off, everything being like one big never-ending ball of chaos? That could not be more relatable to me. I feel like I am going 100 mph at all times. And to some, that may seem overwhelming…But I wouldn’t change one thing. To me, that is life, my crazy beautiful life 🙂

Here is a picture of my biggest support system, and the reason for my naptime hustles and night/weekend work hours.

Mer is ONE 59

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